A bunch of people have been kind enough to play this game, offer suggestions, and spread the word about it on message boards and by word of mouth. Thank you!

In no particular order: Selentic (, Chris Chalfant (, Kellri, Evreux and the folks at Dragonsfoot (, Kalman Farago, Ben Lehman, Colin Cummins, Wydraz (who made a Photoshop template, available on the Web site, for playing How to Host a Dungeon), Claudio Cipolla, and Jeff Rients (

Special thanks to Ben Lehman whose enthusiasm for this game helped inspire me to finish making this game publishable.

Some InfluencesEdit

Influences for this game are too many to name, but here are a few important ones:

Nethack: The greatest ever solo dungeon game (IMHO) (

Dwarf Fortress: A Rogue-like Dwarf sim and procedural world (

The Moldvay 1981 edition of Dungeons & Dragons (as well as every other edition)

Many classic Dungeons & Dragons modules, in particular: Keep on the Borderlands, Tomb of Horrors, In Search of the Unknown

The artwork of Erol Otus, David Trampier and others

The megadungeon mapping forum at Dragonsfoot (