Alpha predators are top level monsters, big beasties who tend to look on everything else as food. They are of hungry alignment by default.

Alpha predators still count as a “group” even if there’s just 1 of them.


Find the room nearest where the die landed on the map. Place 1 Black-round-md in this room. An alpha predator has chosen this spot as its lair. Write the type of predator next to its lair, along with a name for the beast.

The SeasonEdit

Alpha predators need to hunt in order to live.

The alpha predator forages up to 1 finger from its lair along tunnels until it encounters Black-round-md. This may be a group the alpha has encountered before.

If no Black-round-md is available, the predator will content itself with gathering White-round-md.

If the alpha has no Black-round-md or White-round-md in range, it will spend one of its White-round-md to acquire food. If it has no White-round-md to spend, it moves its lair to a new location up to 1 finger away.


Alpha predators always gain +2 to encounter rolls.

If an alpha predator destroys a group, it may immediately loot 1 White-round-md from that group.

With Lawful or Chaotic GroupsEdit

The alpha predator demands tribute–make an encounter roll:

  • Win: Opponent pays alpha 1 White-round-md. If no White-round-md are available, opponent loses 1 Black-round-md.
  • Tie: Alpha kills 1 Black-round-md of opponent’s group.
  • Loss: Alpha is driven off. It leaves behind 1 White-round-md and relocates to a new lair at least 1 half finger further away from the opponent.

With Alpha PredatorsEdit

There is a battle for dominance–make an encounter roll:

  • Win: Opponent is killed.
  • Tie: Opponent relocates to a new lair 1 finger away, leaving 1 White-round-md behind (if it has any).
  • Loss: This alpha relocates to a new lair 1 finger away.

Alpha PredatorsEdit

Roll Flavor
1 Dragon: Dragons start with 2 White-round-md. Dragons have a random alignment and will be friendly with adventuring groups of that alignment. Dragons never expend White-round-md to survive, preferring to sleep for a turn instead.
2 Ettin: Ettin starts with 2 Black-round-md.
3 Fire Giant: When a giant wins an encounter against breeder or delver groups, it demands 2 White-round-md instead of 1 White-round-md.
4 Minotaur: If a minotaur has 1 White-round-md at the end of its turn, it may spend it to turn its lair into a maze. The minotaur rolls +1 in conflicts on a maze.
5 Ogre: Ogres prefer lairs in natural caves.
6 Ogre Magi: Ogre magi start with 1 White-round-md.
7 Owlbear: No special rules.
8 Purple Worm: Instead of placing the purple worm in a room, create a new natural cavern for it where the die lands and dig a new tunnel connecting this room to the dungeon. The purple worm may dig natural tunnels to reach prey and loot if necessary. Purple worms start with 1 White-round-md.
9 Rakshasa: Rakshasa gain +1 to their die roll for each White-round-md they have in their possession during conflicts.
10 Sphinx: Sphinx start with 1 White-round-md. Their alignment is random.
11 Xorn: When a xorn forages, it may choose to dig a new tunnel in a straight line to any prey in range. Xorn prefer to loot, and only forage if no free loot is available.
12 Make up your own. Write it down for future use.

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