Breeders are monster groups that rely on their ability to replace losses quickly in order to survive and thrive. Breeders have little preference of living quarters. Breeder groups are of chaotic alignment by default.


Find the room nearest where the die landed on the map. An organized group of breeders has decided to set up a colony at this location. Place 2 Black-round-md and 1 White-round-md on the map at this location.

Draw new rooms and add them to the colony as needed to house population and loot. Write a name for the breeder tribe on the map beside their colony.

The SeasonEdit

At the beginning of the season, the group seizes all White-round-md within its ZOC.

Each turn the breeders breed, adding 1 Black-round-md to their group. If the group has more loot than population, add one more population.

Expand the breeder group’s ZOC 1 bead down all connected tunnels. If the group has only 1 direction (or none) in which their ZOC may be expanded, dig a new natural tunnel up to 1 half finger long to connect with a different section of the dungeon.

Breeder groups need 1 White-round-md to support every 3 Black-round-md in the group. If the group is not supported, remove 1 Black-round-md. If the group is still out of support and has at least 4 Black-round-md and 1 White-round-md, it splits. Take half the Black-round-md and White-round-md (rounded down), and move them 1 finger away, where they immediately found a new breeder colony.

If the group has not encountered any other groups this turn, but has neighbors it has encountered in the past, it now encounters its weakest neighbor.


With Lawful or Chaotic GroupsEdit

Hit and run battle–make an encounter roll:

  • Win: Loot 1 White-round-md from opponent.
  • Tie: Both groups lose 1 Black-round-md.
  • Loss: This group loses 1 Black-round-md.

With Alpha GroupsEdit

If this group is supported, it may attempt to bribe. Like an encounter roll, roll a d6 for each side but add White-round-md to each.

If this group wins, it gives 1 White-round-md to the alpha. The alpha is now bribed. It will ignore this breeder group in the future as long as the breeders have any White-round-md. Note that this does not mean that the breeders get to ignore the alpha on future turns.

They may encounter it again, obliging them to offer more bribes.

If this group cannot make a bribe or loses the bribe roll, make an encounter roll:

  • Win: The alpha is driven out to a new lair 1 finger further away.
  • Tie: Loot 1 White-round-md, but lose 1 Black-round-md.
  • Loss: Lose 2 Black-round-md.

Breeder GroupsEdit

Roll Flavor
1 Ants: Ants never have to pay bribes.
2 Earth Men: Start with zero White-round-md, random alignment.
3 Gnolls: Start with 1 Black-round-md.
4 Gnomes: Alignment is lawful. Gnomes will mine like delvers if they are unsupported.
5 Goblins: No special rules.
6 Goblin Miners: Goblin miners will mine just like delvers.
7 Cave Giants: Start with 1 Black-round-md, but each Black-round-md counts in a conflict as if it were 2.
8 Kobolds: Start with 3 Black-round-md, zero White-round-md.
9 Orcs: Start with 2 White-round-md and never split.
10 Outsiders: Draw a room near their lair, labeled “Planar Warp”.
11 Tunnel Wyrds: Start with 1 Black-round-md, 2 White-round-md.
12 Make up your own!

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