Delvers are intelligent, well-organized groups of monsters. Delvers prefer to live in finished rooms and tend to tunnel in straight lines where possible. Unless otherwise stated, delving groups are of lawful alignment by default.


Find the room nearest where the die landed on the map. An organized group of delvers has decided to set up a colony at this location. Place 3 Black-round-md and 2 White-round-md on the map at this location.

Draw new rooms and add them to the colony as needed to house population and loot. Write a name for the colony next to it on the map.

The SeasonEdit

At the beginning of the season, the group seizes all White-round-md within its ZOC.

If their ZOC touches an un-mined ore source, each turn the delvers mine out a room 1 thumbprint in size. Place 1 White-round-md in the room. If it is still there the next time the delvers take a turn, they may loot it.

If they did not mine, the group patrols, expanding their ZOC 1 half finger along a randomly selected tunnel that touches their current ZOC.

If the group has no White-round-md, the colony is abandoned. If the group has more White-round-md than Black-round-md, add one Black-round-md.

If the group didn’t encounter any other groups this turn, but has neighbors it has encountered in the past, it encounters one randomly selected neighbor.

Re-draw any natural caves or tunnels in the ZOC as improved tunnels in pen.

If the group has no tunnels along which its ZOC may expand, dig a new tunnel up to 1 half finger long to connect with another dungeon tunnel or natural cavern.


With Lawful GroupsEdit

A skirmish occurs, each group losing 1 Black-round-md.

With Alpha PredatorsEdit

The delvers attempt to drive the monster away. Make an encounter roll:

  • Win: Delvers loot 1 White-round-md from the monster. If the delvers win by 4 or more, the alpha is killed. Otherwise the alpha is driven out and moves to a new lair at least 1 thumb further away from the delvers.
  • Tie or loss: Delvers lose 1 Black-round-md.

With Chaotic GroupsEdit

War erupts. Make an encounter roll:

  • Win: Opponents lose 1 Black-round-md and delvers loot 1 White-round-md from them.
  • Tie: Both groups lose 1 Black-round-md.
  • Loss: Delvers lose 1 Black-round-md and opponents loot 1 White-round-md from them.

Delving GroupsEdit

Roll Flavor
1 Antlings: Antlings do not mine. Antlings do not skirmish with other Antlings.
2 Dark Elf: Dark Elves are of chaotic alignment. Dark Elves come from deep within the earth, so start them near the bottom of the page below where the die landed.
3 Darrow: Start with 4 Black-round-md, 1 White-round-md.
4 Druegar: Alignment is chaotic.
5 Dwarves: No special rules.
6 Earth Devils: Start with 2 White-round-md.
7 Fungaliths: Start with 2 Black-round-md, 2 White-round-md.
8 Hobgoblin Miners: Alignment is chaotic, use breeder encounter rules.
9 Human Miners: Start with only 1 White-round-md. Starting point is on the surface directly above the point where the die landed. Human miners will tunnel 1 half finger downwards every turn until they encounter a mineable area or a dungeon tunnel.
10 Magma Spirits: Draw a room near their lair, labeled “Magma Pool”.
11 Neanderthal: Start with 4 Black-round-md, but do not mine.
12 Make up your own monster type.

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