These are homebrew rules that effect the game on a general level.

Magma FlowEdit


By Peter Cobcroft at GameBoardGeek.

An added level of detail to help work out direction of lava more easily.

When adding any kind of non-natural room, roll a D6:

1-3 Flammable door (not stone or magical)
4-6 Non-flammable door (stone, magical, crystal etc)
Age Modifier
Age of Civilisation +1
Dwarven Civilisation +1
Miners other than Dwarves and Druegar -1
Breeding Group -1
Dungeon Master +1

When lava events occur (volcano etc) and start filling the map, the flow is stopped by non-flammable doors and will fill up the area until pressure (if applicable) causes the magma to move upwards.

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