When you roll a 12 on the Wandering Monsters table, or if you just feel like it, you can use one of these creatures.

Roll Wandering Monster
1 Doppleganger: See below
2 Rust Monster: Rust monsters destroy any unclaimed White-round-md they wander over. If they encounter any other Monster Groups, they destroy one White-round-md (instead of Black-round-md). Then, if the Monster Group still has at least one Black-round-md and at least one White-round-md left, the Rust Monster itself is destroyed. Otherwise it is unharmed. (Rolfe Bergström, based on the iconic monster from D&D)
3 Gargantuan: Use a larger-than-normal Black-round-md to represent the Gargantuan. The Gargantuan cannot enter any room or tunnel smaller than it's Black-round-md in size, including most one-bead standard rooms (like dwarven barracks). During encounters, the Gargantuans kill 2Black-round-md instead of 1Black-round-md. (Rolfe Bergström)
4 Dwarven Ronin: The Ronin ignores Dwarf, Druegar, Darrow and even Gnome groups, and will move past their entire ZOC instead of encountering them. If the Ronin meets a worthy death while there are any of those groups on the map, the richest one will immediately build a Tomb for the Ronin in their territory. Mark it with an X.(Rolfe Bergström, based on the Dwarf Trollslayer concept from Warhammer Fantasy)
5 Murder Hobos: Murder Hobos start with 4Black-round-md and 2White-round-md just below a random entrance to the dungeon. On their turn they behave exactly like Chaotic Adventurers, except they stop moving after their first Encounter each turn to rest up and resupply. Roll a d6 each time, and if you roll less than their remaining Black-round-md, they resurrect one of their number. (If so, add 1Black-round-md to their number, but not more than the 4 Black-round-md they started with.) During other Group's turns, Murder Hobos are encountered as if they were a Wandering Monster. If the last Black-round-md of Murder Hobos is eliminated, you should write "TPK" on the place where they died, to memorialize them. (Rolfe Bergström)
6 Dryads: Dryads start at the empty point on the surface nearest where the token dropped. Draw a "Haunted Tree" where ever they appear. Dryads will never go below the surface. If they end their movement without an encounter, they draw a new haunted tree at the end of that move. At the end of the Surface Kingdoms' turn, if there are no longer any Dryads in play, add Black-round-md to a randomly chosen Haunted Tree. Whenever the Surface Kingdoms make a new building on the spot where an unoccupied Haunted Tree exists, they may first chop or burn it down, erasing that Tree from the map. (Rolfe Bergström)


By Premier at the Dragonsfoot forums.

Like all wondering monsters, Doppelgangers have a 1 in 4 chance to move every round. If it moves into the ZOC of a Delver or Breeder monster group, or if the ZOC of such a group expands to the Doppelganger, a d6 is to be rolled: on 1-4 the Doppelganger infiltrates the monster group, on a 5 it's chased away (moves 1 finger out of the ZOC), on a 6 it's attacked according to the wandering monster combat rules.

If it manages to infiltrate a group, the Doppelganger counts as one unit of population for purposes of breeding and population support, but it's NOT counted when determining combat strength, and it cannot be removed as combat loss. Every subsequent round, the Doppelganger has a 4 in 6 chance of trying to assassinate one unit of population. For the attempt, a d6 roll is made for the Doppleganger and another for the target, with the following results:

  • Win by more than 1: one Black-round-md is removed, and one loot marker belonging to the monster group is removed and set aside off-table, in the possession of the Doppelganger.
  • Win by 1: one Black-round-md is removed.
  • Tie: Doppelganger flees from the monster groups's ZOC, taking with it 1 White-round-md from its plunder. The rest of the plunder is recovered by the group and placed back on the map.
  • Lose by 1: Doppelganger flees from the group's ZOC. All of its plunder is recovered by the group and placed back on the map.
  • Lose by more than 1: Doppelganger is killed, its plunder recovered.