Necrogeneral by Håkan Ackegård

An ancient wizard grown corrupted and evil, the Liche King likes dead things and loves undead things. If it can amass an army of sufficient size, it will rule the world.

During the Liche King’s reign, all Black-round-md in tomb rooms are undead legions. Their members are considered zombified. Undead legions conflict like wandering monsters.


Find the place on the map with the largest concentration of tombs. If there are no tombs, pick a random room. In this area, draw and label a lair for the Liche King. Place 1 Black-round-md in it (the Liche King itself).

The Liche King takes possession of all the tombs in the dungeon. Gather all White-round-md currently in tombs and move it to the Liche King. If any of these tombs contain monsters, remove them.

Liche Lord Black-round-md in tombs are undead legions. The Liche King also stores its cash in tombs. Each tomb may contain 1 Black-round-md OR 1 White-round-md, but not both.

If the Liche King ever has 10 tombs with undead legions in them, its armies ravage the countryside and the game ends. Likewise, if adventurers kill the Liche King, the game ends.

When the Liche King arrives, it immediately dominates the richest monster group in the dungeon. They become minions of the Liche King and no longer take regular seasons. Take all but 1 White-round-md from it and move them to the Liche King.

Proceed down the Liche King Construction table, constructing each item in turn until the Liche King has no White-round-md left. Skip items that can’t be afforded.

The Liche King and all its undead legions count as 1 big wandering monster for purposes of conflict.

The SeasonEdit

If there are any empty tombs, place an undead legion in one of them.

The Liche King’s minions encounter the nearest monster group:

  • Win: The monster group loses 1 Black-round-md and the Liche King gains 1 White-round-md.
  • Tie: The monster group loses 1 Black-round-md.
  • Loss: The minions lose 1 Black-round-md. If the Liche King has any empty tombs, then place 1 Black-round-md in a tomb.

If the Liche King has no minions, then it may take up to 3 Black-round-md out of tombs and set them up as a new minion group.

If the Liche King has no empty tombs, it may immediately build 1 tomb for free. If the Lich Lord has any White-round-md, it may immediately pay 1 White-round-md to place a Black-round-md in this tomb.

If there are any gate rooms (described in the Liche King Construction table) without minions, the Liche King may move 1 breeder minion to a gate room, providing that will not reduce the population of a breeder group below 2.

If at any time the Liche King and its undead legions defeat a group of adventurers, it may put 1 Black-round-md in an unoccupied tomb.

Liche King ConstructionsEdit

Cost Liche King Construction
3 The Lab: This is a bead-sized room adjacent to the Liche King’s lair. Place 1 Black-round-md in it.
2 Menagerie: Take 1 wandering monster and place it in a new room near the Liche King’s lair. The Liche King gets any loot the monster has. If there are no wandering monsters on the map, roll one up at random. This monster still counts as a wandering monster, but does not move. This may only be built once.
3 Bone Pit: Draw a fancy-looking pit descending from the Liche King’s lair. This may only be built once.
2 Shrine of Evil: Add this room near the Lich Lord’s lair and place 1 White-round-md in it. This White-round-md does not count as part of the Liche King’s loot.
2 Gate Room: Draw a gate room at a randomly selected entrance to the dungeon. Place 1 Black-round-md (a guard) minion in the room. This guard now fights as a wandering monster. This may be built once for each entrance to the dungeon.
1 Tombs: Build additional empty tombs until the Liche King has no White-round-md left.