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AQ310 spider fight

Giant Spider by Håkan Ackegård

The dungeons are full of vermin, beasts, and monsters of all sorts. A few of the more successful ones aspire to the status of wandering monster. Wandering monsters are lone creatures that do not enjoy the advantages of a group or the strength of an alpha predator, yet do fulfill an important role in the dungeon ecosystem.


Drop 3 Black-round-md onto the map. Each of these represents a wandering monster. Place each wandering monster in the nearest room or corridor to the bead and then roll on the Flavor table.

The SeasonEdit

Roll a d4 for each wandering monster on the map. On a roll of 1, the monster wanders 1 half finger down random tunnels from its current location, collecting any White-round-md it comes across.

If a wandering monster encounters any group, it encounters as per the wandering monster conflict rules.

Wandering MonstersEdit

Roll Flavor
1 Ankheng: Instead of following tunnels, when wandering the ankheng may dig a natural cave up to 1 half finger in length that connects to a different area of the dungeon.
2 Giant Slug: If desired, you may write “slimy” on the map at any location where a giant slug camps.
3 Giant Spider: The spider starts with 1 White-round-md. When not wandering, the spider creates a web at its current location. If delvers or breeders encounter the spider at this location, they lose 1 Black-round-md and the spider is unaffected.
4 Green Slime: If the green slime destroys a monster group, adventuring group, or wandering monster in conflict, do not remove any Black-round-md from the slime. Instead, add 1 Black-round-md. Green slime does not collect White-round-md.
5 Itinerant Wizard: The itinerant wizard starts with 1 White-round-md.
6 Lone Hobgoblin: If the hobgoblin encounters a goblin group, it joins the group instead of conflicting.
7 Mimic: The mimic starts with 1 White-round-md. Mimics never wander.
8 Ooze: An ooze kills 2 Black-round-md instead of 1 White-round-md.
9 Scavenger Jelly: No special rules.
10 Skeletons: If skeletons appear inside a tomb or wander into one, add 1 Black-round-md.
11 Troll: The troll starts with 1 White-round-md. The troll is never killed except by adventuring groups. Instead, it wanders away leaving its loot behind.
12 Make up your own and make a note of it for future use.

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